The Education University of Hong Kong
CKC TechCulture Innovation Centre
CKC Centre Project ‘CKC Strokes’ Invited to Attend the ‘EdTech Innovations Salon 2023’

13 June, 2023
Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers
Seminar & exhibition

CKC Centre for the Development of Information Technology in Chinese Language Teaching (CKC Centre) project ‘CKC Strokes’ was invited to attend the ‘EdTech Innovations Salon 2023’ on June 13 2023. The event was hosted by The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK), and funded by the Technology Innovation Commission (ITC) of the HKSAR Government

Dr TSE Ka Ho, director of CKC Centre and team members
(From left: Mr TO Ka Tai Eric, Miss WU Xiaolin Hillam, Dr TSE Ka Ho and Miss ZHUANG Miaoyu Shawn)

The Salon featured an exhibition, interactive forums and networking opportunities. Its aim was to share the most-updated educational technology innovations and create more collaborations among academia, educators and industry.

The event showcased 15 award-winning projects from international invention exhibitions and invited investigators to participate in the project sharing session. Dr TSE Ka Ho, the director of CKC Centre was invited to share his ideas in developing the ‘CKC Strokes’.

Dr TSE Ka Ho exchanged ideas on educational technology and language teaching with colleagues from the education sector

Dr TSE Ka Ho introduced the ‘CKC Strokes’ to the public

The research and development team of the ‘CKC Strokes’
(From left: Dr TSE Ka Ho and Mr TO Ka Tai Eric)

Dr TSE Ka Ho shared ideas in developing the ‘CKC Strokes’

Dr TSE Ka Ho demonstrated the latest function of the ‘CKC Strokes’