Instructions of ‘Characters (Words) Frequency’:
1. Upload the file to conduct statistical analysis. The real-time analysis will be shown at the bottom of the page.
2. The corresponding ‘Unicode’ will be shown at the bottom of the analysis. By clicking the hyperlink, you may access to ‘CKC Online Dictionary’, for further information.
3. Format of the supporting files will be either docx, txt, png or jpg. The maximum file size is 5 MB.
4. You may export the statistical analysis as html or xlsx file.

● To enhance the statistical accuracy, it is suggested that no pictures, references or borders should be inserted in the docx.
● To enhance the accuracy of images conversion, it is suggested that the image resolution should not be less than 300dpi.
● There are different punctuations, e.g. — ( Unicode: 2014 )and ― ( Unicode: 2015 ), which are categorised into respective clusters. If there is any punctuation not being categorised, please contact us by email at for our follow-up action.

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